torsdag, januari 21, 2010

Fruit Cake

Here is an easy baked and good flavor that only get better if it is allowed to rest a bit before serving.

200g butter
2.5 dl sugar
3 eggs
4 dl wheat flour
0.5 tsp baking powder
2 tablespoons sighed
100 grams of preserved orange peel
2 dl raisins
Grated rind of half lemon
(Garnish 75-100g dark chocolate)

To do:
Stir butter and sugar until fluffy.
Add the eggs one at a time.
Scrub the lemon and tear of the skin.
Mix the flour with the husk, baking powder, sighed, orange peel and raisins into a smooth mixture.
Grease a 2 liter baking-tin and sprinkle it with breadcrumbs or semolina. Upset in the batter and spread it evenly in shape.
Bake in bottom of oven at 300°F (150°C) for 50 to 60 minutes.
Loosen the cake from the mold and let cool on the grill, preferably with the shape of itself.
If you want to garnish the cake with chocolate brick: lay out pieces of chocolate on the hot cake. If needed to melt the chocolate, you can insert additional cake a minute in the oven. Spread with a fork. The fork can also be used to make patterns in the soft chocolate. Allow to cool on the grill.
For the flavors of the cake is ready you can usefully store it frozen and take it up a day before serving.

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