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Thekla Knös
Born in Uppsala 1815, died 1880.

Thekla Levinia Andrietta Knös, born June 17, 1815 in Uppsala, died March 10, 1880 at Växjö hospital, Swedish writer and poet.
Thekla Knös, daughter of Professor Gustav Knös, grew up in the circle of intercourse authors Erik Gustaf Geijer, Per Daniel Amadeus Atterbom, Israel Hwasser and Baroness Malla Silfverstolpe. 1855 died Theklas mother and Thekla encountered one of severe depression. She recovered and in 1869 participated in the formation of the Association for mentally child care, but was hit again in the same year by a mental illness.
In 1853 Thekla Knös published the second part of her poems. For poetic piece "Ragnar Lodbrok" she received in 1851 Swedish Academy's Grand Prize, and in 1868 she re-price the Swedish Academy for "The page".
In the 1937 hymnal has been inserted her treatment of the third verse of the hymn number. 51 “Det är en ros utsprungen”. Verse origin is German, but the author is unknown. The Knös the translation reads:
“The delicate rose is fine
that smell bliss
in the darkness, the shining,
conquer darkness.
True God and true man,
us poor people save
from sin and death he can”.
Psalm remaining in the 1986 hymnal number. 113:3. The melody is unaltered, a German medieval carol, which was written in Köln 1599th
Thekla Knös is buried at the old cemetery in Uppsala.

’Uppsala gamla kyrkogård’ (Uppsala old cemetery) in Uppsala , Sweden.
View of ’Stillhetens kapell’/Chapel of Stillness.
The cemetery is situated in central Uppsala near the cathedral ’Uppsala domkyrka’ and the old castle, built by Gustav Vasa.

Thekla is a relative of me on my grandma's side.

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