lördag, mars 27, 2010

Judith Svensson, Boarp Skattegård
Axel Fabian Andersson, Lunden Säm
married March 27, 1914
Gällstad, Västergötland.

Reverend R. Thomaeus officiated the ceremony.

This is Lunden, the farm they lived on.

Judith and Axel was my grandparents.
Axel died 1948, before I was born, so I don´t remember him.
Although, I have got his pocket watch, it still works...
Judith died in 1965 and I remember her very well, and actually still miss her....
I still have two crocheted blankets as she has done.

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  1. This is a wonderful post! The photo of Judith and Axel is great! I love that the name of the farm is Lunden, it reminds me of my Lundberg family from Sweden. Wonderful that you have the crocheted blankets too. Love this post, it warms my heart, thank you!

  2. Thank you for leaving acomment! It is nice to read. I am not so very good to do "blogging", but I find it very interesting to see yours and all other blogs! I my self like old photos and stories about ancestors. You say you have roots in Sweden...were in Sweden do they come from?

  3. Yvonne,
    You have some great pictures! I need to email you some of my Swedish questions soon. Anyway, you are lucky to have some nice things and pictures from the past. Astrid.

  4. Also, if you give me details of your John August Johnson, I can probably find him, too. If he went to the U.S. that is...