söndag, maj 16, 2010

My Grandfather Axel Andersson

May 16, 1879 - July 19, 1948

Axel Fabian Andersson
Born May 16, 1879, Bengtsgård, Klasentorp village in Slätthögs parish, Kronobergs county.
His parents was Anders Johan Danielsson and Lena Maria Andersdotter.
Axel had three siblings: Augusta Vilhelmina, Ida Kristina and Carl Edvard.

This is Bengtsgård in Klasentorp where my grandfather was born.
The house looks almost the same as before, there are relatives who own the house now and they have it so well kept and nice.

This is the old barn that no longer exists.


My Father Axel Hugo Andersson

May 16, 1923 - June 27, 2000

This is Lunden.
Grandfather and Grandmother bought the farm and it is where my father and his siblings have grown up.

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