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This is Anders Göran Johannesson and his family.
(Perhaps he was called :
Andrew G. Johnson. )

Anders Göran was born Jan. 14, 1871 in Slätthög parish, Kronobergs county.
He immigrated to the U.S. in July 1891
On this photo we can see Anders Göran, his wife and daughter
(I do not know their name)

Anders Göran was my grandfather Axel Fabian Andersson´s cousin.

Anders Göran´s father : Johannes Svensson, born 1844, dead 1919,
Hössjö gästgivaregård, Slätthög, Kronobergs county.
His mother : Stina Kajsa Danielsdotter, born 1845, dead 1930,
Hössjö gästgivaregård, Slätthög, Kronobergs county.

He had five siblings who all stayed in Sweden.
Johan Vilhelm Johannesson, 1867-1962.
Karl Lenader Johannesson, 1873-1958.
Ida Kristina Johannesdotter, 1877-1963.
August Jilius Johannesson, 1880-1978.
Martina Johannesdotter, 1884-1975.

It is said that he emigrated to Duluth, Minnesota.
I know nothing more about this family, so if anyone know something about these people,
I'd be very happy if you contact me.

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