lördag, augusti 28, 2010

Knös family from Od´s parish in Västergötland.

In Od´s church are still an epitaph as son Olof Knös had put up in 1744.
Olof was ordained in 1715 and he has a priest's clothing in the picture.

This is inside of the church.

You can see the picture of the Knös family on the wall.

Knös family consists of:
Börge Knös Olofsson, 1632-1711, he was a forester
his wife Gunnur Boberg Lechander, 1648-1711
and their children:
Olof, 1683-1748, he was a vicar
Petter, 1685-1754, was a military
Britta, 1687-1750.

Gunnur Boberg Lechander is the lady No 3 from the right.
Gunnur is gr, gr, gr, gr, gr grandmother of me.

This is outside of the church.

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