onsdag, januari 12, 2011

Can anyone help us with this brick wall?

It is a friend of mine who is looking, and I try to help her.
The person we are looking for is: Anna Lovisa Larsson, sometimes she probably is called Louise ( Lovisa) Larson.
She was born September 27, 1856 in Träslöv, Hallands county, Sweden.
She emigrated in July 1883, destination: New York.
She was in Sweden on a visit and went back to the us in April 1893.
There is a photograph of herself, which she has sent to a relative in Sweden.
There is also a card which she sent to Sweden.
In the photo it says at the bottom:
Neivdick, 18th, ... 6th Ave. N.Y.
On the postcard it says: Scott, Memorial Hall, Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn..

This is ( Anna ) Lovisa Larson.

This is the card that she has sent to Sweden.

If anyone knows anything, we are grateful for any tips.

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