lördag, mars 26, 2011

My grandparents Judit Svensson
and Axel Andersson
Married March 27, 1914.

Judit was born dec.21, 1888 and she grew up in the house, Gudmundsgården, here on the left. Axel was born may 16, 1879 and he grew up in the house, Bengtsgården, here on the right. The house in the middle, Lunden, they bought it together in 1914 and lived there all their lifes..

2 kommentarer:

  1. I love how you presented this! What is the uniform Axel is wearing represent? I must say, looking at your photos at the beginning of your blog, I almost feel like a couple of them are my relatives, or maybe I just have similar photos!

  2. Thank you! I would like to do a lot more to show the old photographs, but sometimes is not enough time ...!
    Do you really have similar photos?
    I do not know, unfortunately, what kind of uniforms Axel is wearing.
    ..And maybe, we're related, we will know when you've won the contest,.....! It would be really nice if it turns out that we have common ancestors ..