söndag, juli 24, 2011

This is a link to: South Bend, Indiana city directory (1921)
I found my ancestors Andrew and Jennie Chilberg here.
I knew that they lived here and was looking for them.

lördag, juli 23, 2011

Augusta Danielsdotter
born oct. 31, 1845 Brunn parish, Ulricehamn, Älvsborgs county
dead oct. 22, 1933 Storgatan 15, Ulricehamn, Älvsborgs county

This is Augusta´s husband
Klas Oskar Niklasson
born dec. 22, 1844 Marbäck, Älvsborgs county
dead febr. 4, 1915, Ulricehamn, Älvsborgs county

Klas Oskar Niklasson and Fredrik Niklas Niklasson are brothers.

torsdag, juli 21, 2011

This is my great grandmother Anna Lovisa Andersdotter
born dec.12, 1850, Granåsen, Länghem, Älvsborgs county
dead may 18, 1912, Målek, Gällstad, Älvsborgs county

This is Anna Lovisas husband; my great grandfather Fredrik Niklasson
born jan. 19, 1848, Kärrbo, Marbäck, Älvsborgs county
dead july 1, 1928, Målek, Gällstad, Älvsborgs län

They were married in nov. 8, 1873.

lördag, juli 02, 2011

John Johnson
Swedish Mission Church 1899 - Duluth

Here is very interesting site:
The St. Louis County MNGenWeb site

There are photographs and much more.

Missionsförsamlingens Sångkör
Swedish Mission Church 1899 - Duluth, MN
Individual Choir Members Pictures

This is the name of the people on the photo:
Augusta Anderson, C.L. Carleson, Emma Carlson,
John Carlson, John P. Engstrom, C. Erikson,
Oscar Erikson, Sofi Erikson, Frida Falgren,
Gust Fallquist, Victor Fredrikson, Mary Hammarstrom,
Inga Hoveland, Alfred Jernberg, Lina Jernberg,
Andrew Johnson, Chas. Johnson, Esther Johnson,
Ida Johnson, Ida N. Johnson, John Johnson,
Lina Johnson, Maria Johnson, Mrs. A. Johnson,
Ruth Johnson, Thea Johnson, W. Leafquist,
Agnes Lindberg, Frida Lindberg, Annie Lundberg,
Hulda Lundberg, Hilda Miller, Alice Nelson,
George Nelson, Emily Oberg, Ernst Peterson,
Lina Peterson, Annie Philstrom, C.H. Schell,
Oscar Strom, Rev. Ludvig Sundeen,
A.E. Swedberg, Axel Wilson

I wish Patricia Antonia Friedson a really nice and pleasant birthday on July 27! I hope you, Patricia,  see this and know that it would be...