lördag, september 28, 2013

I have some beautiful old photographs.
They might be relatives of mine ...
I know that the couple are named Backmanand the card was taken in Chicago.
I would like to know more ...

And now I know..!
I want to update the information that I have received.I now know that the photograph of the couple who got married are Anders Gustaf Backman,
born Dec. 27 1855 Medelplana, Skaraborg and
Johanna Maria Hansdotter, born Jan. 13 1862  Ulricehamn, Älvsborg.
Anders Gustaf emigrated to USA in 1881 and Johanna Maria emigrated in 1886.

I also know more about this photo, below.
It is Edith Backman, sitting, she is born april 1895 in Chicago,
daughter of Anders Gustaf and Johanna Maria.
Is is her mother Maria who have sent the photo ( not a sister...)
I still do not know anything about the girl who are standing beside.

On this card we see a girl who is sitting, her name is Edit Backman.
Her sister Maria sent it to Sweden.
I do not know the name of the girl standing next to.
Could these be related to the couple ..?

... Is this the same girl as on the card abowe, Edit Backman ...?
Yes, I know now, this is Edith Marie Backman.
The reason that I have received the information are:Johanna Maria's granddaughter saw the wedding photo here on my blog and
recognized her grandparents! She had the same photo!
 She contacted me and we have shared and still hold on to exchange information.We also know that we are related, it's very nice!

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  1. Very nice photos! I hope you find out all the information you are looking for!

  2. I'm commenting here, because my poor mother, did not realize she could actually comment here. The top picture is of her Grandparents, on her dad's side, (Anders) Gustaf and Marie (Jacobson) Backman, on their wedding day in 1890. The second picture is of one of their children, Edith, born 1895? - not looking at the info I have that is the best guess for me, who is sitting down with another unknown to me girl, they're about 16ish. The last picture is probably Edith again.

  3. This is SOOOOO Awesome Yvonne, you did find answers! Congratulations!

    1. Yes, Cheryl, I am very happy to have get this info. As you say, it is very good to put photos and other info about the brickwall you may have, in the blog, some day perhaps somebody read it and know something about the person you are searching. It is Awesome!

  4. Maria Backman is my great great grandmother

    1. Hi Cheryl! Thank you for writing and telling me about Marie. Do you have this photo yourself?


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