fredag, augusti 12, 2011

This is the wife of my grandfather's uncle.
Her name is Ulrika Flinta.

She was born Januray 1, 1834 and died October 11, 1925.

This photo was taken on her birthday when she was 8o years old, 1914.
Her husband was Carl Johan Niklasson and when be became a soldier his name was Flinta.
They had three children. Alma Elisabeth, born 1869 and Karl Albert, born 1872, they both emigrated to Amerika. Alma Elisabeth in 1889 and Karl Albert in 1893.
...Is there anyone who may have seen or know anything about them ...?
They were all born in the parish Marbäck, Älvsborgs county, except Ulrika, she was born in Böne parish.

The third sibling, Klas Oskar, born 1876 was living in Stockholm, Sweden. He and his wife Karolina Hult is on the photo below.

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