torsdag, september 15, 2011

I got an old photo showing a " Gökotta"
It is in the village Södra Säm, 1927.
A Swedish tradition, on Ascension day, is to celebrate by having a dawn picnic and listening to the birds singing early in the morning. It may be fairly chilly that early, it may rain but if you are lucky you might even see a fantastic sunrise.

When you listen to the birds you are supposed to listen out for the cuckoo. Apparently he might be telling you something about the future.
The folklore had lots to tell about the first call of the cuckoo in the spring. In what quarter is he cuckooing? And how many times does he call?
"Coming from west is best,
from east is comfort,
from north is sorrow
and from south is death"...
And how many times he is calling can predict things, e.g. ask him how many years you will stay unmarried, and await his answer....

The cuckoo is a migrating bird, moving to the south, usually to Africa, at winter and coming back to Sweden in May for the whole summer.

Read more here about the Cuckoo:

Among people in the picture is my grandmother Judith, and my grandfather Axel Andersson. They stand in the back row.


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  1. I sure that would make a special event. I am glad to see they took the time to appreciate that time of year.


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