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The First Sunday in Advent
November 27, 2011

It is time to light the first candle of four.
In Sweden there is a tradition that we light a candle for each Sunday in Advent,
and there are four Sundays.

With the first Sunday of Advent begins the Christian church year. In the farming community was the first Sunday not a particularly marked days, now it appears as an extra holiday. At church services on this day the churches are mostly well-filled, sing hymns such as "Prepare ye the way of the Lord" and "Hosanna" and above all, candles lit.
This day is one of our largest church walking days.
The word Advent comes from the Latin word Adventus, which means arrival, but has popularly come to mean pending. Advent time was in the farming community a period where you could relax and gather themselves for the upcoming holiday season.
Too messy and noisy outdoor work was forbidden. Instead, they take on the quieter chores at the farm.
Many of the customs that we now associate with Christmas was for the people who lived a hundred years ago quite unknown. Most of our popular Advent traditions belong 1900s. These include, for example "adventsstaken", which begins to spread among us in the 1930s. It comes from a German custom, that from the first Sunday of Advent lit seven candles, one for each weekday, each of the four Advent Sundays until Christmas.
The candles were placed in a small indoor fir, which was placed on a table,
all in all was this tree that contain 28 candles.
Eventually, this tree being driven out of the Advent candle holder with four candles.
Today there are hardly any homes that lack this Christmas Ornament.

Electric Christmas candle in the windows, the whole of Sweden looks to be changed "overnight" at the first Sunday of Advent.

An electric star to hang in the window is very beautiful.

Door Wreaths for Advent and Christmas is very common.
Many people make them themselves otherwise you can buy ready-made.

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