söndag, december 25, 2011

Christmas Day Peace

Christmas Day
is one of the truly great feast days, for many the greatest, of Christendom,
celebrating Jesus' birth.
According to most Christian denominations falls on December 25. As part of Christmas celebrations in Sweden days, however, of secondary importance when most Christmas celebrations take place already on Christmas Eve.
But with more and more broken families, the Christmas Day in many cases, been the day you visit the branch of the family who do not participate in the Christmas Eve celebration.
Many go to church on Christmas morning or in the solemn Mass celebrated on the night of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
In most countries, Christmas Day, the day they celebrate Christmas the most.

It is common to celebrate midnight mass in church on Christmas night, and sometimes you go over there and have torches in your hands.

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  1. I love that night picture outside the church -- is that in Vegby?

  2. No, it is not the church in Vegby. There are no church, because the parish is Södra Säm and Vegby belong to Södra Säm.
    In old times there was an church in the village Södra Säm, it was probably built 1250-1300. http://www.ulricehamn.se/ulh_templates/Information.aspx?id=14462


    It was abandoned and became a destiny Church in 1824, and a new church was built in Gällstad.

    The church on my blog is a church I found on Internet,,;)
    You can see Gällstads Church here : http://www.kyrkokartan.se/058535/images/58535_54007675/
    I know that Ludwig have been in that church, it was so very common that people went to the church every Sunday. I am also sure he had his first communion there too.


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