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Johan August Johnson, where did he go??

Johan August Johnson, my grandmothers brother,
where did he go??

He was born Nov. 11, 1867 in Borås, Älvsborgs county, Sweden.
He emigrated to South Bend, America June 1891
and with him was his sister Jenny Amalia, born March 12, 1874.

Jennie Amalia married Andrew G. Chilberg in South Bend July 21, 1894.
Andrew G. Chilberg emigrated in 1883 from Kila, Värmlands county.
In Sweden his name was: Anders Gustaf Kilberg.

They got three children:
Pearl Edith, June 27, 1895 - Sept. 28, 1973.
Alva Victoria, May 16, 1898 - Dec. 26, 1985.
Arthur Valdemar, Febr. 6, 1905 - Febr. 22, 1955.
They all lived in South Bend. They were members of the GLORIA DEI LUTHERAN CHURCH.

I have not been able to find Johan August as a member there....

This is from the Passenger list 1891.
Johan Aug. J. Svensson is nr. 6 and Jenny Amalia Svensson is nr. 7.
They were called Svensson since their fathers name was Johannes.
I do know both Jennie and the brother Emil called themselves Johnson in USA.
I think maybe Johan August called himself: John August Johnson...?

This is Jennie Amalia.

The photo was taken by a photographer in Ulricehamn and it should be from just before she emigrated.

This is Jennie Amalia Chilberg´s grandchild.
Jeanne Enid Derbeck, born July 14, 1920,South Bend, dead Dec. 12, 1994 South Bend.
She was Arts writer of South Bend Tribune.

Jennie Amalia and Johan August had a brother, Emil Johnson, born Aug. 7, 1865.
He emigrated in April 1882.

This is his family: wife Louise and the daughters:
Pearl Elaine, April 23, 1892 - July 3, 1974.
and Amy Violet, Oct. 20, 1898 - June 1987.
They lived in Michigan.

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