tisdag, december 20, 2011

My Grandmother
Judith Andersson

December 21, 1888
January 28, 1965

This is Judith, her husband Axel and their first child Ella.
Ella was born December 20, 1915. Perhaps this photo is from her fathers birthday, in May 16, 1916...He was born 1879 and should be 37 years old at this time.

This is Judith and other ladies from the village of Södra Säm, where they all lived.
I think there are ladies who like to get together and knit and crochet and other needlework.

This is from a journey as they did, I don't know what year it is.

This is Judith and her son´s Hugo ( my father ) and Gunnar.
I am sure it is Judith's birthday, but I don't really know what year it is, perhaps, 1964 ...

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