måndag, januari 30, 2012

My mother Asta
Her name is also Gunhild and today it is her nameday.

This photo is from about 1934, it is the day of her confirmation in the church.

söndag, januari 29, 2012

This is a photo of my grandfather Albin Målberg
long with his siblings.

From left: Augusta, born May 1887
Hulda, born May 1876
Reinhold, born January 1874
Agnes, born August 1884
My grandfather Albin Målberg, born December 1880.

In the background we can see a photo of their parents:
Fredrik and Anna Lovisa Niklasson.

lördag, januari 21, 2012

This photo shows
my grandmother´s sister Anna, her husband Albin
and their daughter Astrid Svensson.
Anna was born jan. 26. 1886 and Albin was born may 31, 1883.

tisdag, januari 17, 2012

Now I am amongst all the interesting genealogy blogs here.
I feel honoured!

I celebrate by showing this old photo.

It is my mom's grandfather and grandmother.
Fredrik Niklasson, born Marbäck jan 19, 1848, dead Gällstad july 1, 1928
and Anna Lovisa Andersdotter, born Länghem dec. 12. 1850 dead may 5. 1912 Gällstad.

And now: it is the time to bake a cake..!

Tosca Cake

2 eggs
125 g sugar
100 g flour
1 tsp baking powder
100 g butter
2 tbsp cream


50 g butter
100 g sugar
2 tbsp cream
2 tbsp flour
50 g flaked almonds
75 g hazelnuts, chopped
75 g almonds, chopped

Preheat the oven to 175°C.
Butter and flour a springform pan, about 24 cm in diameter.
Beat eggs and sugar until very fluffy.
Melt the butter.
Stir in flour and baking powder with the eggs, and then fold in butter and cream.
Pour into the prepared pan and bake for 25 minutes.
Meanwile, prepare the topping.
Just mix all ingredients in saucepan and bring to a obil.
Spread it on top of the cake, and bake for another 15 minutes.
Let it cool more or less completely before taking it out of the pan.

I hope you like it. It is a typical cake in Sweden.

söndag, januari 15, 2012

This is my grand father Albin Målberg
born in Gällstad, dec. 21, 1880
dead in Gällstad, march 9, 1956

This is Albin, his wife Selma and their son Holger, born july 17, 1912

I have these amazing photographs thanks to my nice cousin!

lördag, januari 14, 2012

This is my grandmother Selma Målberg
Born in Gällstad, Älvsborgs county
febr. 2, 1889 - oct. 18, 1972

These are two of Selma´s brothers.
Ivar Andersson, born in Gällstad
oct. 30, 1891 - sept. 17, 1956 and
Sven Andersson, born in Gällstad
july 2, 1901 - june 19, 1973

I do not know the year in which the photo is taken.

söndag, januari 08, 2012

A photo from 1924 or 1926.
This is my grand father's sister Agnes and her family.

Agnes Viktoria, born 1884 in Gällstad and her husband Karl Emil, born 1879 in Länghem.
Their children:
Karl Helge, born 1908
Anna Viktoria, born 1911
Bengt Alvar, born 1922.
At this time the family lived at "Stora Ekered", Brunn parish outside Ulricehamn.
I have not seen this photo until very recently so I am very glad to have been able to scan it and preserve it.

torsdag, januari 05, 2012

Trettondagen / trettondag jul

Twelfth Night or Epiphany falls just thirteen days after Christmas, more specifically, on January 6, and is in Sweden a red holiday.
Epiphany has an Eve called Twelfth Night.
Until the 1600s included the Christmas twelve days and on the great thirteenth day it was over.
In many Christian countries, the Epiphany of the Three Kings, Kaspar, Melki and Baltasar's day. The Swedish word Twelfth Night, will think of it just falls thirteen days after Christmas.
On the Epiphany was celebrated around the star-bearing. It went on tiggarstråt from farm to farm. The star would be in constant motion, which symbolized the sun. Young and old were playing indoor games.

Tjugondedag jul / Tjugondag Knut

falls on January 13, twenty days after Christmas, and counted in Sweden, Finland and parts of Norway as the Christmas deadline. Sayings: "Tjugondag Knut dance Christmas out". The day is called tjugondag Knut because it falls 20 days after Christmas and to Knut has name day on this day.

Christmas Looting is a tradition that involves the "get naked" and "throw out" Advent and Easter at tjugondag Knot, which falls on 13 January. Many Christmas tree looting is held, however, a nearby day.
The traditional Christmas tree "thrown out", while the plastic Christmas tree, Christmas tree foot, Advent candlestick, and more of julpyntet put away for the following Jul.
Christmas looting is usually seen as an end to it over a month-long period of Christmas, which begins with Advent. The period covers Advent, Lucia, Christmas, New Year and Twelfth Night. In conjunction with the Christmas tree looting arranged, especially for smaller children, dancing around the Christmas tree, various games, demolition / up of gingerbread houses, raffle, fish pond and opening-filled Christmas crackers.
This is done both at home and in public as the People's House, kindergartens, schools, sports clubs and faith communities.

onsdag, januari 04, 2012

An old school photo

I have borrowed this beautiful photo of a nice relative. I have scanned it so that I can save it.
Likely it is from the area around Gällstad in Västergötland, because it was found in a box as my relative's parents had saved.
It is certainly some of our ancestor´s on the photo, but yet we do not know who it can be...we do not know what year it is either..

Dikten "Tomten" av Abraham Viktor Rydberg född 18 december 1828 i Jönköping i Jönköpings län (Småland) död 21 septemb...