fredag, februari 03, 2012

My grandmother Selma Målberg
born february 3, 1889, Gällstad parish
dead october 18, 1972, Gällstad parish.

This is Selma, Albin and their children; Holger, Göte, Asta and Elin.
It ought to be about 1922

This is the family Målberg on the farm where they lived and also worked.
From left: Asta, Elin and four people I dont have their names, my grandmother Selma and little Ingamaj in front of her, then one person I don´t have the name, my grandfather Albin and, again one person I don´t have the name.

This is Selma and Albin and their 5 children.
From left: Göte, Selma, Albin and Holger.
Behind them: Ingamaj, Asta and Elin.

This is Selma on her birthday Februari 3, 1959.

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