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Trettondagen / trettondag jul

Twelfth Night or Epiphany falls just thirteen days after Christmas, more specifically, on January 6, and is in Sweden a red holiday.
Epiphany has an Eve called Twelfth Night.
Until the 1600s included the Christmas twelve days and on the great thirteenth day it was over.
In many Christian countries, the Epiphany of the Three Kings, Kaspar, Melki and Baltasar's day. The Swedish word Twelfth Night, will think of it just falls thirteen days after Christmas.
On the Epiphany was celebrated around the star-bearing. It went on tiggarstråt from farm to farm. The star would be in constant motion, which symbolized the sun. Young and old were playing indoor games.

Tjugondedag jul / Tjugondag Knut

falls on January 13, twenty days after Christmas, and counted in Sweden, Finland and parts of Norway as the Christmas deadline. Sayings: "Tjugondag Knut dance Christmas out". The day is called tjugondag Knut because it falls 20 days after Christmas and to Knut has name day on this day.

Christmas Looting is a tradition that involves the "get naked" and "throw out" Advent and Easter at tjugondag Knot, which falls on 13 January. Many Christmas tree looting is held, however, a nearby day.
The traditional Christmas tree "thrown out", while the plastic Christmas tree, Christmas tree foot, Advent candlestick, and more of julpyntet put away for the following Jul.
Christmas looting is usually seen as an end to it over a month-long period of Christmas, which begins with Advent. The period covers Advent, Lucia, Christmas, New Year and Twelfth Night. In conjunction with the Christmas tree looting arranged, especially for smaller children, dancing around the Christmas tree, various games, demolition / up of gingerbread houses, raffle, fish pond and opening-filled Christmas crackers.
This is done both at home and in public as the People's House, kindergartens, schools, sports clubs and faith communities.

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  1. Do you have the words to Trettondagsvisa song?

  2. This is one of different "Trettondags visor":

    1. Raska fötter springa tripp, tripp, tripp!
    Mamma har så bråttom klipp, klipp, klipp!
    Juleklappar lackas in.
    Dörren stängs för näsan din.
    Det är bara roligt.
    2. Pappa har gått ut i sta'n, sta'n, sta'n;
    Köper där en präktig gran, gran, gran.
    Den skall hängas riktigt full,
    Först en stjärna utav gull,
    Nötter sen och äpplen
    3. Se nu är ju allting klart, klart, klart.
    Barnen rusa in med fart, fart, fart.
    Vem står där i pappas rock?
    Jo, det är vår julebock.
    Han har säkert klappar.
    4. Alla barnen ropa: "Ack, ack, ack;
    Snälla rara pappa, tack, tack, tack"!
    Margit får en docka stor.
    Gungehäst får lille bror.
    Stina får en kälke.
    5. Snart är glada julen slut, slut, slut.
    Julegranen bäres ut, ut, ut.
    Men till nästa år igen
    Kommer han vår gamle vän,
    Ty det har han lovat.

    Sigrid Sköldberg-Pettersson


    Rapid feet run tripp, tripp, tripp!
    Mother is so busy cut, cut, cut.
    Christmas gifts are wrapped.
    The door is closed before your nose.
    But it is all fun.
    Daddy has gone to town, town, town;
    To buy a grand Christmas tree, tree, tree.
    It is going to be well-decorated,
    first a star of gold,
    followed by nuts, and apples.
    Look, everything is done, done, done.
    The children rush in with speed, speed, speed.
    Who is standing there in father's coat?
    Yes, it is our Christmas goat.
    I'm sure he's got presents.
    All the children shout Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.
    Dear Daddy, thanks, thanks, thanks!
    Margit has got a big doll.
    Rocking horse for little brother.
    Stina gets a toboggan.
    Soon the lovely Christmas is at an end, end, end.
    The Christmas tree is carried out, out, out.
    But next Christmas once again
    Our old friend will return.
    Because he promised!

    Tr. Brit Elliott


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