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Bruno Andreas Liljefors

Bruno Liljefors 1860 - 1939 (79 years) Animal painter, artist
Bruno Liljefors was born May 14, 1860 in Uppsala, the son of gunpowder merchant Anders Liljefors (1813 -) and Margaret Mary Lindbeck (1829 -). As a child, it is said that Bruno was sickly and weak and therefore spent much time indoors, where he sat and drew and drew. In order to improve his health, he was prescribed fresh air and walking.
Already as a young man he drew with a sure hand animals in motion, such as dogs, foxes and flying birds. He spent much time outdoors, both on hunting trips and friluftsman.
All these exercises caused him to grow up to be an athletic gymnast. Along with his two younger brothers, he performed even at the circus for a period of "The Brothers Manzondi".
Nineteen years old, he joined the Academy where he attended the years 1879-1882. There he met Anders Zorn, and they became good friends.
During his studies, he pulled himself up by selling some stock pictures to magazines, including New Illustrated magazine, which paid a 30-40 SEK per animal picture. His "moonlighting" was, however, over studying but the teachers agreed to some of absence when they realized how talented he was. The atmosphere at the academy was changed after two of the teachers died in the space of six months. Now tolerated suddenly no longer absences, and including Anders Zorn left the school and in 1882 also ended Bruno.
He traveled abroad for a time, including France, Denmark and a few months in Düsseldorf where he received guidance in his paintings of animals and hunting painter Carl Friedrich Deiker (1836-1892). Back home, he received orders for paintings, which he was doing throughout 1880 - and the 90's.
Twenty-seven years old (1887) he married Anna Olofsson and the following year (1888) he was offered to substitute for two years to Carl Larsson as head of the Valand art school in Gothenburg.

Anna Olofsson

Carl Larsson was in Paris to paint pictures for his benefactor Pontus Fürstenberg (1827-1902). Furstenberg was a man who involved himself in the young artists in Gothenburg and Bruno was soon commissioned by him, too. Bruno's homesick, however, became too great and after one year temporary position, he said up and went home to Kvarnbo outside Uppsala.

His marriage to Anne was not so successful, and after some years they divorced. 1895, he married her younger sister Signe Olofsson. In 1906 he was called to chair a member of Berlin's Academy of Art. Bruno was one of the best and brightest animal painters Sweden had.
He died in Stockholm on 18 December 1939, 79 years old. One of his paintings were sold in 2004 to 4.2 million

The portrait of Bruno is painted by Anders Zorn
in 1909.

A selection of Bruno's paintings:
* Forest Dove - 1873
* Rävfamilj in early summer morning - 1882
* Cat on a bird hunting - 1883
* Father's portrait - 1884
* Five bird pictures in one frame - 1885
* Tjäderlek 1889
* Crows - 1891
* Fox has a hare - 1893
* Leopard eider - 1894
* The owl - 1895
* Sunrise at sea - 1896
* Sea Eagles - 1897
* Migrating geese - 1898
* Capercaillies in winter - 1899
* Common Eider Split - 1900
* Mergansers - 1901
* Golden Eagle hunting a hare - 1904
* Capercaillie Partridge - 1904
* Flying Eagles - 1904
* The sentences of wild geese - 1905
* Snipe - 1905
* Meadow with sandpipers - 1906
* Eider ducks (out on a rock in the sea) - 1907
* Black grouse in the bog - 1907
* Eurasian Curlew - 1907

Burial: Uppsala - old cemetery

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