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Julia Beck

I would like to introduce you to some Swedish artists.
One of them is:

JULIA BECK 1853-1935

Self portrait

In 1873 Julia Beck admitted as a student at the Art Academy in Stockholm.

Female students had been on the so-called ladies' department since 1864 and in Beck's grades were, among others, Mina Carlsson-Bredberg (although she was represented in Waldemarsuddes collections), Eva Bonnier and Karin Bergöö (later married to Carl Larsson).
Julia Beck came to live and work in France during most of his life.
Like many women artists, she devoted herself to begin to portrait painting.

However, it was landscape that she most wanted to paint, and with the exception of the painting Monastery Cathedral of Rouen, are the works with which she is represented in the collections also all landscapes.
Like for example, Carl and Karin Larsson, Richard Bergh, Karl Nordstrom and Nils Kreuger, Julia Beck spent several summers in the small village of Grez-sur-Loing, near Paris. She was also active in the "Opponent Movement".

In Waldemarsuddes archives are eight letters from Julia Beck of Prince Eugen. In one of them thank her prince because she had been painting in the park at Waldemarsudde and wishes to advise: "one for me, very gratifying and important news, the French authorities have purchased my last job in Sweden Soirée d'Avril chez le Prince Eugene." (April Evening with Prince Eugen).

Julia Beck was one of the few Swedish women around the year 1900 managed to live off his art. Towards the end of her life, she was awarded the Legion of Honor by the French state.

Julia Beck (1853-1935)
Scenes from Waldemarsudde. 1921
Oil on panel, 32x73 cm
Gift of the artist to Prince Eugen
Photographer: Per Myrehed

Julia Beck (1853-1935)
Park 1910
Water color paper, 84x41
Purchased by Prince Eugene of the artist 1911
Photographer: Per Myrehed

Julia Beck's painting
"Grez couple Nemours" from 1885, is made from oil.
Photographer: Bukowski Auctions Ltd

Painting by Julia Beck from 1885.
River landscape from Montcourt.

Painting by Julia Beck, unknown year.
Trees on the river bank.

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  1. really beautiful work by an artist I have never heard of.

  2. Me neither, had seen this artist before. I think it's interesting to know new people, artists and others, and let others to know about them too.
    There will be more to come, every now and then .....

    1. I know this post is somewhat old, but, nevertheless... My great grandmother was a close friend of Julia Beck. My mother - born 1930 in Paris - just a few years before Julia Beck passed away has many stories of Julia Beck as, it appears, she was a very colorful person. We have several of her paintings within the family.

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