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Kristina från Duvemåla

Kristina från Duvemåla ("Kristina from Duvemåla")
is a Swedish musical written by former ABBA members Björn Ulvaeus (lyrics) and Benny Andersson (music), based on a series of four novels by Swedish author Vilhelm Moberg detailing a family's poverty-driven migration from Sweden to America in the mid-19th century: The Emigrants, Unto a Good Land, The Settlers, and The Last Letter Home.

Music (1995 Original Cast Recording)
The song titles are the original Swedish ones.
The titles in parenthesis are the titles directly translated into English.

Act One :
"Duvemåla hage" (Duvemåla Pasture)
"Min lust till dig" (My Lust For You)
"Ut mot ett hav" (Out Towards A Sea)
"Missväxt" (Bad Harvest)
"Nej" (No)
"Lilla skara" (Little Group)
"Aldrig" (Never)
"Kom till mig alla" (Come To Me, Everyone)
"Vi öppnar alla grindar" (We Open All The Gates)
"Bönder på havet" (Farmers At Sea)
"Löss" (Lice)
"Stanna" (Stay)
"Begravning till sjöss" (Burial At Sea)
"A Sunday in Battery Park"
"Hemma" (Home)
"Från New York till Stillwater" (From New York To Stillwater)
"Tänk att män som han kan finnas" (To Think That Men Like Him Exist)
"Kamfer och lavendel" (Camphor and Lavender)
"Drömmen om guld" (The Dream of Gold)
"Min astrakan" (My Astrakan)

Act Two:

"Överheten" (The Superiours)
"Ljusa kvällar om våren" (Bright Evenings In Springtime)
"Präriens Drottning" (The Queen of the Prairie)

"Vildgräs" (Wild Grass)
"Jag har förlikat mig till slut" (I Have Resigned At Last)
"Guldet blev till sand" (The Gold Turned Into Sand)
"Wild Cat Money"
"Ut mot ett hav (repris)" (Out Towards A Sea (Reprise))
"Vill du inte gifta dig med mig?" (Won't You Marry Me?)
"Ett Herrans underverk" (A Miracle Of The Lord)
"Down to the Sacred Wave"
"Missfall" (Miscarriage)
"Du måste finnas" (You Must Exist)
"Skördefest" (Harvest Feast)
"Här har du mig igen" (Here You Have Me Again)
"Red Iron"/"Hjälp mig trösta" (Red Iron/Help Me Comfort)
"Var hör vi hemma?" (Where Do We Belong?)
"I gott bevar" (In Good Keeping)

The statue "The Emigrants"
in which Wilhelm Moberg's Karl-Oskar and Kristina have been the model for Axel Ohlsson's statue was unveiled 1959th.
The film captured the same pose as the statue,
that is, Karl-Oskar, who looks ahead and Kristina who will not let go gaze from home.

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