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Today's Advent celebration in Sweden is a phenomenon that emerged during the 1900s.
Advent Stars , Advent candlesticks and advent calendars became popular in the 1930s in Sweden.
In the past, the old peasant society would Advent be a time of stillness, in preparation for the great celebration of Christmas. Silence meant no party before Christmas, no weddings or other large events. Man saved to the festive period.

The silence did not mean that the work on the farms was reduced, festivities were supposed to be prepared with meat, baking and cooking.

Today we live not so, but already in november takes weekly newspapers, specialty magazines and different sites hold of the old traditions and comes with good advice on how to cook the ham, lutefisk fix, build gingerbread houses, put sausage on the old-fashioned way.
While we are going to buy or make your own Christmas gifts, drinking mulled wine, eating Christmas dinner with friends and plan to visit relatives.

It's not so much the stillness left in Advent.

Advent is a festival filled with light
The lights are important for almost everyone.
We need light for our health's sake, for the cozy factor and as a greeting in the dark.

    Foto: Jan Töve

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