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Christmas celebration

The word Christmas is akin to Old Icelandic and Old English. In northern England talks still little old-fashioned contexts of yule, possibly a legacy of the Vikings rampage there. When we raise our beer glasses and wish each other Merry Christmas, it is an unbroken tradition right from pagan times, even if it was then the beverage horn was lifted. It called to drink in Christmas. In the Catholic Middle Ages introduced the Christian celebration of Christmas in our country and was celebrated during the same time as before the pagan Christmas.

An old-fashioned Christmas
Our time yearning for an old-fashioned Christmas is the union of the old agrarian society and the bourgeois Christmas celebration Christmas in the city at the turn of the century. It will be a kind of mixture of julbrasor and Yule straw, an ostentatious bourgeois Christmas, lavish trees and lots of presents.


Our Christmas traditions
Many of our Christmas traditions is a union of old Swedish traditions mixed with elements from foreign country. The Christmas tree became common during the late 1800s and the Christmas Santa Claus distributing only in the 1900s. Santa is also a mixture of our little gray-clad house elf and the man in red St. Nicholas. Previously, especially Christmas goat, which accounted for much julhyss in ancient times peasant Sweden, has been hired if they had any Christmas gift giver at all. 1900s has given us both adventsljus, Advent, Advent stars and Advent candlesticks, also of German descent, while Donald Duck comes from the large immigrant country USA. The turkey and the mistletoe has Anglo-Saxon ancestry.

Christmas red color
Christmas red color are certainly many people who wonder about. A clear answer is not to give. Red was an expensive color to produce and was only used on special occasions, not just for Christmas. Christmas in the farming community had hardly any red components as Christmas red color is a phenomenon of our time. The red color often occurs in combination with green: spruce, lingonrisets and moss green color and plants that may be in julprydandet. The Christmas tree (but not the dressed) is associated with very old Swedish Christmas traditions.


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  1. Very much fun to read your account of Christmas tradition in Sweden and memories of the past and relatives from the past.

  2. Thank you, it's interesting with different traditions and to ensure that it is often old tradititoner that lives on, perhaps in new forms ..


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