måndag, december 31, 2012

New Year 2013

I wish a happy new year to you all!

The artist who signed the picture is Jenny Nyström and the subject is called simply "Santa Claus".
And as you see, the card is from 100 years ago....

This is Jenny Nyström
June 13, 1854 - January 17, 1946.

This two cards with Swedish "Tomtar"is also made of Jenny Nyström.

This beautiful card is also made of Jenny Nyström.

This is an old New Year card, I do not know who have made it but I think it is beautiful!

I hope that the new year will be a good year.
My hope is that, in the coming year, I will try to present some good genealogy links,
which is helpful for me and hopefully for other researchers.

I also hope that I can help others find their ancestors who emigrated from Sweden,
you can look at some videos here: http://swedenroots.se/ 

"All for Sweden". They are from Swedish television.
There are some examples of how it can be when you come to Sweden and see how and where your ancestors lived ...

You probably need to use your handkerchief ...



I also hope that I'll manage to find my grandmother's brother, Johan August Johnson,
born in Borås Nov. 14, 1867 ( my "concrete hard brick wall")
he emigrated 1891 to the United States, South Bend,
 along with his sister Jenny Amalia.
I'll try to make a plan for my search and also try to move forward systematically in my search ...

wish me luck ;))

This is gorgeous lilies of the valley, a little taste of spring which I hope will come soon ...


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