söndag, december 22, 2013

Raspberry thumbprint cookies

This is a recipe for a lightly baked and delicious cake.
I hope you enjoy it!
Raspberry thumbprint cookies
makes about 40

240 g flour
55 g potato flour (potato starch)
90 g sugar
2 tbsp vanilla sugar (or the seeds of one vanilla bean)
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
200 g unsalted butter, cold
50-100 ml raspberry jam

Mix all the dry ingredients - everything but the butter, and the jam.
Dice the butter, add it and work quickly into a smooth dough.
It's easiest using a stand mixer or a food processor, but it can be done by hand, too.

Divide the dough into 40 equal parts - mine weighed between 15-17 gram.
Roll each into a small ball, and place in a small paper cup.
Press with a fingertip to make a small well in each cookie.
Fill with a little bit of jam.

Bake at 200°C for 10-12 minutes.

Christmas card

Sorry, I have not updated the blog for a while now......

But I want to show you some beautiful cards.
This is just a sample of old, beautiful Christmas cards.
It is pleasant to look at, or what do you Think?

torsdag, november 21, 2013

My Mother Asta

My beautiful mother, Asta. She's missing here,
but I
know she's in a different place
with Dad and the others who have gone before us ...
Asta was born November 21, 1919

lördag, september 28, 2013

I have some beautiful old photographs.
They might be relatives of mine ...
I know that the couple are named Backmanand the card was taken in Chicago.
I would like to know more ...

And now I know..!
I want to update the information that I have received.I now know that the photograph of the couple who got married are Anders Gustaf Backman,
born Dec. 27 1855 Medelplana, Skaraborg and
Johanna Maria Hansdotter, born Jan. 13 1862  Ulricehamn, Älvsborg.
Anders Gustaf emigrated to USA in 1881 and Johanna Maria emigrated in 1886.

I also know more about this photo, below.
It is Edith Backman, sitting, she is born april 1895 in Chicago,
daughter of Anders Gustaf and Johanna Maria.
Is is her mother Maria who have sent the photo ( not a sister...)
I still do not know anything about the girl who are standing beside.

On this card we see a girl who is sitting, her name is Edit Backman.
Her sister Maria sent it to Sweden.
I do not know the name of the girl standing next to.
Could these be related to the couple ..?

... Is this the same girl as on the card abowe, Edit Backman ...?
Yes, I know now, this is Edith Marie Backman.
The reason that I have received the information are:Johanna Maria's granddaughter saw the wedding photo here on my blog and
recognized her grandparents! She had the same photo!
 She contacted me and we have shared and still hold on to exchange information.We also know that we are related, it's very nice!

fredag, april 26, 2013

Wedding for 101 years ago

April 26 1912
This day was my
grandfather Karl Albin and my grandmother Selma Teresa's wedding day

Unfortunately, I have no photograph of that special day.
I have this photo, Selma, Albin and all their children.
Both my mother and her mother had the name Teresia.

Name day Teresia

Today is my mothers name day, Teresia.
Asta Gunhild Teresia

Nov.21 1919
Dec.31 1999

lördag, april 06, 2013

Unknown photos

I have these photographs in my possession.
But, unfortunately, I have no idea who it is.
Maybe someone will recognize them?
If so, I would be very glad if you would inform me.


tisdag, mars 12, 2013

2013 Week # 11

Genealogy Tips, Week # 11

This week Í will give you a link to:  the Andrew Peterson Society
The website is dedicated to the Swedish emigrant Anders Pettersson, who moved to America from Sweden in 1850, and changed his name to Andrew Peterson.

Andrew Peterson was born on October 20th 1818 in Vastra Ryd parish, Ydre in the county Ostergotland. His parents, Petter Jonsson and Ingrid Samuelsdotter, were farmers in Sjoarp.
Andrew worked as a farm hand on other farms in the area, but after his father's death in 1846 he moved back to Sjoarp to take over the farm.

Andrew Peterson in front of his first shanty, a simple log cabin, in Minnesota back in 1855.


tisdag, mars 05, 2013

Coffee Latte Cookies

Now I think it's time for a little cake .... This seems good, or what do you think?  

Coffee Latte Cookies
Makes about 30

220 g butter, at room temperature
125 g brown sugar
125 g sugar
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
275 g flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
30 g cocoa powder
1 tsp instant coffee
150 g dark chocolate, finely chopped
150 g white chocolate, finely chopped

Beat butter and both sugars until the mixture is fluffy and feels light.
Add eggs and vanilla, and beat well.
Mix the flour with salt and baking soda, and stir this into the cookie dough.

Now, remove half of the dough and place in a separate bowl.
Add cocoa powder, instant coffee and dark chocolate to one of the bowls, and the white chocolate to the other bowl.

Scoop about 1 tbsp of each cookie dough, and place together on a baking sheet.
Make sure to leave a lot of room between each cookie - I could fit about 10 on one cookie sheet.

Bake at 175°C for 8-10 minutes.

2013 Week # 10

Genealogy Tips, Week # 10

This is a website that has information about:


The Swedish Census 1890

- Norrbotten, Västerbotten, Västernorrland, Jämtland and Värmland counties

  • Glossary to the most commonly occurring words in the Census
  • How to search in ANNO 1890
  • Web Links to Swedish Genealogy and to Scandinavian Censuses. 
I find it very interesting, hope you do too!



tisdag, februari 26, 2013

2013 Week # 9

Genealogy Tips, Week # 9

This is a very interesting link to "Lantmäteriet".

Here you can see the old Historical Maps
Begin by selecting a county from the dropdown list and then zoom in to your chosen area. View a list of Historical Maps for the area you have selected by clicking on Search.

Get started
DjVu - Plugin required for viewing Historical Maps
The high resolution digital images which are created when the maps are scanned are too large to be shown or downloaded from the Internet in their original format.
In order to view the historical maps the Djvu browser plug-in (new window) must first be installed on your computer. The plug in only needs to be installed on your computer once and may be downloaded free of charge


måndag, februari 18, 2013

2013 Week # 8

Genealogy Tips, Week # 8
The crofters from Åsenhöga, Sweden.

This is an interesting website that is written in both Swedish and English
Here are examples of some of the content:

  • Crofters Magnus and Johanna Andersson - and their descendants
  • Photographs found
  • Help tracing the photos
  • Are you a descendant to these crofters?

    Read more here: http://www.torparna.com/
Magnus Andersson 1837-1920
Johanna Andersson 1839-1923

måndag, februari 11, 2013

2013 Week # 6 and # 7

Genealogy Tips, Week # 6

This time it will be two tips since I missed writing anything last week ...
hope it's ok ..

"Emigrants from Älvdalens parish years 1845-1930."

Emigrated persons from different villages, sorted by date of emigration.
Source: Älvdalens church archives

Evertsberg 1925
Dys Erik Andersson Thor and his wife Anna-Lisa
go back to Michigan after they sold the farm in Mångsbodarna. Villagers say goodbye. Photo: Oscar Persson
These are the names of the different villages:

Genealogy Tips # 7

Founded in September 1908.
Trønderlag of America is an organization of emigrants and their descendants
from North and South Trøndelag areas of Norway.

All this and much more can be found ....

* Archives *  Bygdeboker * Census & Databases * Culture * Emigration/Immigration *
* Farms/Land  *  Home Pages  *  Kirkeboker  *  Kommunes  *  Lag Data *
* Mail Lists/Message Boards   *  Maps   *   Newspapers  *  Organizations *
* Other References/Resources  *  Search Engines  *  Sites to Visit  *  U.S. Sources *


söndag, februari 03, 2013

Grandmother Selma

In memory

My lovely and amazing grandmother
Selma Theresa Målberg
born Febr. 3, 1889 Larsagård, Rånnaväg, Västergötland.
She died May 18, 1972 in Stugan, Gällstad, Västergötland.

This photo shows Selma, Albin and their first son Holger, who was born july 1912.
This photo is from february 3, 1959.
In the background you can see two photographs on the wall.
It is Selma's parents and her husband Albin's parents.

tisdag, januari 29, 2013

2013 Week # 5

Genealogy Tips, Week # 5

"Dead sailors and seamen on the run."


This page is in Swedish, but I have translated some of the text:

This is a copy of the List of sailors held 1841-1906 at Stockholms Seamen house.
The books can be read in the original in Stockholm City Archive, Kungsholmen, Stockholm
  • Escaped Sailors 1871-1906
  • Escaped Sailors 1841-1859
  • Dead and escaped Sailors 1871-1884
  • Dead and escaped Sailors 1887-1912

tisdag, januari 22, 2013

2013 Week # 4

Genealogy Tips, Week # 4
This is perhaps a little unusual database, but have little luck you can find interesting information here ...

Vagrants in Karlstad 1885-1905

It is only written in Swedish, this is the text on the webside:
"When searching out:
asterisk (*) instead of zero or more unknown characters
at sign (@) instead of an unknown character
spaces between multiple keywords in the same field of these conditions must be satisfied (AND operator)"

This is an example of what I found when I searched for the last name: Svensson


First Name:
Johan Valfrid

Marital status, occupation:
Metal moulders

Date of Birth:

Place of residence:

Place of birth:
August Leonard Larsson, black smith

Elna Jonsson

1886-10-30 begging.

City police in Karlstad AIII: 1

" Vagrants, who - according to a statement in the 1885 law for vagrants, "prowling without seeking honestly earn a living and also have such a way of life that accidentally thereof arises for public safety, order and morality."

Vagrant-a life without a safety net.......

Perhaps you can find some ancestor here....
Good Luck!

måndag, januari 14, 2013

2013 Week # 3

Genealogy Tips, Week # 3

This is a link to to search for burial locations of veterans
I hope it can be of use to you!

Search for burial locations of veterans and their family members in VA National Cemeteries,
state veterans cemeteries, various other military and Department of Interior cemeteries,
and for veterans buried in private cemeteries
when the grave is marked with a government grave marker.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
The database of burial information is updated each day.

söndag, januari 13, 2013

Twentieth Day Of Canute - Tjugondedag Knut

Tjugondedag Knut - JulgransPlundring!
Twentieth Day Of Canute - Christmas Tree Plundering!

Knut drives Christmas out ........" As Knut, who runs the Christmas we find nowadays his name January 13, before the 1600s, it was January 7. Another name on that very day, an old fantasy-grabbing names like "farängladagen", Christmas
Angels traveling in other words, back to heaven.
Tjugondedag Knut the Christmas danced out. Nowadays we throw out the Christmas tree, then, unless it has lost too many needles before then of course.....
 Christmas is driven very tangible out sometimes it was the house people sometimes was dressed youth, who walked around with brooms and pretended to wipe out what was left of the weekend.
Tjugondedag Knut became a feast day when the rest of Christmas dinner and all the Christmas beer would end. It was a mark that now it is normal everyday life again.
Christmas lazy days with lots and fatty food was over for this time.
There were many sayings about how you saw at celebrating of Christmas properly:
Eating out Christmas - Drinking from Christmas
- or - Dancing out Christmas - It's Knot, Now Christmas is out!
Canute marks the end of Christmas festival. But in the church year delay shimmer from the weekend left in the weeks after the thirteenth day.

A traditional song on these occasions are:

Astrid Anna Emilia Lindgren (née Ericsson) 14 November 1907 – 28 January 2002)
She was a wonderful Swedish author and screenwriter
She is best known for the Pippi Longstocking, Karlsson-on-the-Roof and the Six Bullerby Children book series.

Pippi Longstocking and her Christmas tree plundering.

Dikten "Tomten" av Abraham Viktor Rydberg född 18 december 1828 i Jönköping i Jönköpings län (Småland) död 21 septemb...