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2013 Week # 1

Genealogy Tips, Week # 1
This is the No. 1 of the links that I think are valuable to help in genealogy.
I hope they can be helpful for you too.

Search for information about soldiers.

The work of registration of the billeted soldiers are mainly of leisure researchers throughout Sweden. Unless otherwise agreed between the local troop registers and Central Soldiers Register owned material in the local registers of the respective leisure researchers or association which conducted the research.
The database is searchable on the web is a partnership for five years between Central Soldiers Register and Society DIS. State of the base as part of its server and website. The information you find on the page is completely free of charge, to get additional information about the soldier, it is up to each record to determine if this fee and how much to leave out.

The database for you on the Internet searching is a search database with a small number of fields for each soldier, so that you can ensure that your particular ancestor belonged to "Young Allotment 'organization and is listed in the database.
The subjects included in the base should be adopted as soldiers between the years 1682-1901. The database does not claim to be exhaustive, research is ongoing and new soldiers brought to the previously registered and new information on the soldiers and their immediate family.
In addition to the information you will find in this search database, there are many times in each of the local Military Records further information on the soldier.

It should be emphasized that there is no genealogical records, but records of soldiers who belonged to the division army. The basic information in the register is taken from the general pattern rolls. In the case of officers and officers also have been registered, when such information is received.
The purpose of registration is to register the common soldier up to the distinction Corporal degree. For many of the data we have from family and local history researchers received information about the family.
These data are of course recorded on each soldier or cottage, we indicate in these cases who provided the data, in order to bring together researchers conducting research on the soldier. If you have information about soldiers, we thankful to them.
Of course, you do not need to pay the fee for subsequent acts which you yourself gave the information. Below you can see which units that are currently fully or partially registered, remember that this is a secondary task and that you should check the information.

Also note that we constantly receive data on soldiers, are not you looking in at this time maybe he will be featured at next year's update which takes place in August every year.

THE CENTRAL SOLDIERS REGISTER:  Digitala Vetenskapliga Arkivet

In this database, the following units registered:

Andra Livgrenadjärregementet
Bohusläns båtsmanskompanier
Bohusläns regemente
Kalmar regemente
Första Livgrenadjärregementet
Gotlands båtsmän
Göta Trängregemente 1885-1915 (Värvat manskap)
Hallands båtsmän
Hälsinge regemente
Jönköpings regemente
Kronobergs regemente
Livregementets Dragoner
Livregementets Grenadjärer
Livregementets Husarer
Norrbottens regemente
Norrlands båtsmanskompanier
Norra Roslagens båtsmanskompani
Närke-Värmlands regemente
Närke regemente
Roslagens båtsmanskompani
Skaraborgs regemente
Skånes samtliga indelta förband
Smålands båtsmanskompani
Smålands Grenadjärer
Smålands Husarregemente
Södra Möre båtsmanskompani
Södermanlands regemente
Tjust båtsmanskompani
Upplands femmänningsregemente
Upplands regemente
Upplands tremänningsregemente
Västergötlands båtsmanskompani
Västgöta regemente
Västgöta tremänningsregemente
Västgöta Dals regemente
Västerbottens regemente
Värmlands Fältjägare  (Värvat förband)
Värmlands regemente
Västmanlands regemente
Älvsborgs regemente
Ölands båtsmän
Östgöta båtsmän.

This is another link to
Central Registry for Soldier

The information you get to see is a little different so it may be worth trying both!
Good Luck!


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