måndag, januari 07, 2013

2013 Week # 2

Genealogy Tips, Week # 2
This is the No. 2 of the links that I think are valuable to help in genealogy.
I hope they can be helpful for you too.


This is a link to the tombstone inventory: "Gravstensinventering".
There are Swedish and some foreign graves that are registered with text and images. The site is unfortunately not in English yet.
It is updated every day, so it's well worth checking this.
Today there are tombstones 1031/1992 people among the foreign graves and tombstones 79,515 / 177,952 persons among the Swedish graves.


This is another link you can try:
" Hitta Graven" , "Find buried", in the area of Stockholm.
This is yet another link where you can search for buried people:
"Svenska Gravar", "Swedish Graves".

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