torsdag, oktober 02, 2014

52 Ancestors: #11

Week #11
Grandmother Selma

This is my grandmother
Selma Theresa Målberg
born Febr. 3, 1889
died May 18, 1972
Selma married Albin Målberg 26 April 1912
They got five children.
Selma was a gentle and considerate person. She took care of the kids and she was a seamstress.
I still have the sewing machine that she used when she sewed, a beautiful Singer sewing machine.


tisdag, september 30, 2014

52 Ancestors: #9

Week # 9  Grandmother Judith

This is my grandmother Judith Andersson
She was a kind, friendly and nice
She had to work hard with five children and a husband who was a farmer.

Judith married Axel 27 march 1914.

She was born 21 december 1888
and died 28 january 1965

Judith at her confirmation 1902.



Judith and her husband Axel Andersson
their children Ella, Sonja and Gunnar.


Judith, Axel, their Children Ella, Gunnar, Hugo and Astrid.
Sonja is not in this picture.


52 Ancestors: # 10

Week #10
Grandfather Axel

This is my handsome and hardworking grandfather Axel Andersson
He died before I was born so I have unfortunately never got to meet him.

He was born 16 may 1879
and he died 19 july 1948.

This is the house Axel and Judith bought when they got married 1914.

This is Axel about 1922 or so.


lördag, augusti 09, 2014

August 9, 1947 was the wedding day for my Mother and Father

This is a photo from August 1947
when Asta and Hugo was married
Their parents are also there:
Judit and Axel Andersson
Selma and Albin Målberg
There are also siblings and cousins


onsdag, april 30, 2014

Charlotte Wahlström

A Swedish female painter

Charlotte Wahlström
Sweden (1849-1924)
Swedish artist born in Svärta, Södermanland.
She studied at the Art Academy and in Paris.
Received the Royal Medal of the landscape painting in 1883.

She went to Paris and the Continent for scholarship money.
In 1904 she received the bronze medal at the World Exhibition in St. Louis

Known for her coloristic landscape, often with designs from Skåne.

Sunlit Landscape

Summer morning, Falsterbo

Lake landscape at dust
Charlotte Constance Wahlström
born Nov. 17 1849
dead Febr. 22 1924
Picture of Charlotte Wahlström's grave at Norra begravningsplatsen in Stockholm

tisdag, mars 04, 2014

52 Ancestors: #8

Week # 8  Aunt Sonja

My Aunt Sonja was born in Södra Säm December 23 1919
She died April 4 1970

In the school photo below we can see Sonja in the middle row, nr 3 from left
My mother is also there, seh is in the middle row, nr 1 from right
The teachers name is Gunnar Magnusson. 

This is an enlargement of Sonja at school photo

Sonja was a happy and cheerful person.
Still, she had it troublesome
because she got diabetes
when she was only about ten years old
so it was a struggle for her many times.


söndag, mars 02, 2014

Unkown school class in Sweden

Update! I have found Otto and his sister Hanna.Otto was born in Svallebo, Järsnäs congregation. He had nine siblings, among them Hanna who was a teacher in the "Kyrkskolan" in Linderås.
Otto was born 1857 and Hanna was born 1877.
Below we can se some  photos of Hanna.

Does anyone recognize this photo?

I am helping a friend to find her ancestors who emigrated from Sweden in the 1800s. I have found her grandmother,  Ida Carolina Danielsson, born 1869, Eksjö, Småland. Grandfather Otto is harder to find. I have no name on the birth place or parents, unfortunately. Only that he had a sister named Hanna, she lived in Sweden and she was a teacher.

The teacher who stands to the right is Ottos sister Hanna, ev. Johanna.
We do not know where in Sweden this photo comes from.
Hannas brother was Otto Andersson, his name was possibly Gustafsson when he arrived to USA.
He was born in 1857 and emigrated around 1880.
Hanna sent the card on the school class to her niece Hilda in the USA.

Below we see Otto in the foreground.

In this photo we see Otto as no. 2 from left.

Below we can see Otto.

fredag, februari 21, 2014

52 Ancestors: #7

Week # 7 Anna Emelie Helene Svenson
                and her sister Rosali Svenson

This week I have two ancestors which I wish to present.

There are cousins ​​to my grandmother.

Anna Emelie, sometimes called Emma, was born in Naum, Skaraborg County, Jan. 10 1868 and emigrated to the U.S. in Febr. 1891.
Her sister Rosali was born in the same place April 10, 1873 and she emigrated to the U.S. in November 1898.
Their father died in 1888 and the mother died in 1890.
I have found, by that Rosali was emigrated
in 1868 and it says she is going to her sister Emelie Svenson, Chicago Illinos.


That's all I know so far, but I will continue to look for their families and trying to find out if Rosali also got married and had family
.... it remains to be seen ....

onsdag, februari 12, 2014

52 Ancestors: #6

Week # 6 Frida Charlotta Svantesdotter
Frida was my mothers grandmother
Frida was born april 18, 1864, Börjagården, Rånnaväg, Gällstads parish
She died oct. 2, 1940 Larsagård, Rånnaväg Gällstad parish
Frida Charlotta and Johan Emil Andersson was married May 29, 1885

Emil was born Febr. 22 1854 Kvarnhult, Gällstad
He died Oct. 5, 1941 Larsagård, Gällstad
They got 9 Children

Anna Bernhardina, born Jan. 26, 1886
dead Aug. 3, 1969

Selma Josefina
born Jan 27, 1888
dead Febr. 16, 1888
Selma Teresia
born Febr 3, 1889
dead Oct. 18, 1972

This is my grandmother
Johan Ivar
born Oct. 1891
dead Sept. 17, 1956

Einar Anders Ture
born April 27, 1894
dead June 11, 1916

Hildur Charlotta
born Aug. 8, 1896
dead Nov. 10, 1896

Hildur Maria Josefina
born March 21, 1898
dead June 5, 1932
Sven Henry
born July 2, 1901
dead June 19, 1973

Estrid Emilia
born Nov. 13, 1904
dead Sept. 30, 1986



måndag, februari 03, 2014

52 Ancestors: #5

Week # 5 Ulrika Flinta

Ulrika Flinta was married to Carl Johan Niklasson Flinta

Ulrika was born January 1, 1834, Norregård, Böne parish
She worked with weaving.
and died October 11, 1925, a retirement home, Ulricehamn.

Carl Johan was born April 9, 1842, Marbäck
and he died of pneumonia, Febr. 5, 1892, Smedsgården, Marbäck
Carl Johan was a soldier at Älvsborgs regiment, North Kinds Company

Unfortunately I have no photo of Carl Johan
Ulrika and Carl Johan had three children:
Alma Elisabeth, born Nov. 10, 1869
Carl Albert, born May 4, 1872
Klas Oskar, born Febr. 22, 1876
all children born in Smedsgården, Marbäck
Below we can see
Klas Oskar and his wife Karolina Karin Hult
Karin was born Aug. 9, 1866, Millesvik, Värmland
and died April 21, 1946, Stockholm
Klas Oskar died Sept. 14, 1950, Stockholm

Alma Elisabeth emigrated to Chicago in May 1889
Carl Albert emigrated to Chicago in March 1893
....I've been looking for them but not managed to find them, not yet .....
I can see that they have the surname Flinta in the Swedish emigrant lists.
...but where did they go....?

måndag, januari 27, 2014

52 Ancestors: #4

Week # 4 Anders Göran Johannesson

aka Andrew Johnson
Anders Göran was born Januray 14, 1871, Slätthög , Småland. His parents was Stina Kajsa Danielsdotter and Johannes Svensson. Anders Göran had 5 siblings.
Anders Göran emigrated to America in July 1871.

I could not find him or find out where he had gone. I had a photograph of Anders Göran along with his wife and daughter, but no one knew what they were called ...
I called a relative who I thought would know something about this.
She only knew that the family had been in Sweden in the early 1900s, they lived in Duluth and the daughter's name was Esther.
...Aha, I had, through Ancestry, found a family named Andrew, Hulda W and Esther W Johnson in Duluth. Hulda was born about 1876 and had emigrated around 1895. The daughter Esther was born about 1905. I think this is the right family, but I have not yet got further in my search.
Below you can see the photo of Anders Göran aka Andrew Johnson
his wife Hulda and daughter Esther.


Dikten "Tomten" av Abraham Viktor Rydberg född 18 december 1828 i Jönköping i Jönköpings län (Småland) död 21 septemb...