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52 Ancestors: #2

Week # 2 Jennie Amalia Chilberg, maiden name Johnson

This is my grandmother´s sister; Jennie Amalia.
She was born March 12, 1874 in Borås, Västergötland.
She is sister to Johan August, who was my ancestor #1.
They emigrated together in 1891and came to South Bend.
Jennie was 17 years old and in Sweden she had been working as a maid.
This is a photo of Jennie Amalia.
It is from Sweden and she is perhaps photographed just before she went to America.
She married Andrew G. Chilberg in July 21, 1894, South Bend.
Andrews name in Sweden was Anders G Kilberg.
He was born 1863 in Kila, Värmland and he emigrated to South Bend in 1883.

Below we can see the marriage licens.
They got three children
Pearl Edith, 1895-1947
Alva Victora, 1898-1985
and Arthur Valdemar, 1905-1955.

Jennie Amalia and Andrew got two grand children,
Jeanne Enid, 1920-1994 and Marilyn Rose, 1923-1939
Jeanne Enid married Edward Derbeck
and in South Bend she was
 The Tribune's longtime arts writer
and founder of the newspaper's
Action Line column.



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  1. It didn't take them long to be a welcome part of the South Bend community. It must have been a lovely wedding to have had so many guests and nice gifts.

  2. Yes, I would have loved to see a photo of the wedding! Anyway, I am very happy to have got the notice from the newpaper!


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