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52 Ancestors: #4

Week # 4 Anders Göran Johannesson

aka Andrew Johnson
Anders Göran was born Januray 14, 1871, Slätthög , Småland. His parents was Stina Kajsa Danielsdotter and Johannes Svensson. Anders Göran had 5 siblings.
Anders Göran emigrated to America in July 1871.

I could not find him or find out where he had gone. I had a photograph of Anders Göran along with his wife and daughter, but no one knew what they were called ...
I called a relative who I thought would know something about this.
She only knew that the family had been in Sweden in the early 1900s, they lived in Duluth and the daughter's name was Esther.
...Aha, I had, through Ancestry, found a family named Andrew, Hulda W and Esther W Johnson in Duluth. Hulda was born about 1876 and had emigrated around 1895. The daughter Esther was born about 1905. I think this is the right family, but I have not yet got further in my search.
Below you can see the photo of Anders Göran aka Andrew Johnson
his wife Hulda and daughter Esther.


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