fredag, februari 21, 2014

52 Ancestors: #7

Week # 7 Anna Emelie Helene Svenson
                and her sister Rosali Svenson

This week I have two ancestors which I wish to present.

There are cousins ​​to my grandmother.

Anna Emelie, sometimes called Emma, was born in Naum, Skaraborg County, Jan. 10 1868 and emigrated to the U.S. in Febr. 1891.
Her sister Rosali was born in the same place April 10, 1873 and she emigrated to the U.S. in November 1898.
Their father died in 1888 and the mother died in 1890.
I have found, by that Rosali was emigrated
in 1868 and it says she is going to her sister Emelie Svenson, Chicago Illinos.


That's all I know so far, but I will continue to look for their families and trying to find out if Rosali also got married and had family
.... it remains to be seen ....

onsdag, februari 12, 2014

52 Ancestors: #6

Week # 6 Frida Charlotta Svantesdotter
Frida was my mothers grandmother
Frida was born april 18, 1864, Börjagården, Rånnaväg, Gällstads parish
She died oct. 2, 1940 Larsagård, Rånnaväg Gällstad parish
Frida Charlotta and Johan Emil Andersson was married May 29, 1885

Emil was born Febr. 22 1854 Kvarnhult, Gällstad
He died Oct. 5, 1941 Larsagård, Gällstad
They got 9 Children

Anna Bernhardina, born Jan. 26, 1886
dead Aug. 3, 1969

Selma Josefina
born Jan 27, 1888
dead Febr. 16, 1888
Selma Teresia
born Febr 3, 1889
dead Oct. 18, 1972

This is my grandmother
Johan Ivar
born Oct. 1891
dead Sept. 17, 1956

Einar Anders Ture
born April 27, 1894
dead June 11, 1916

Hildur Charlotta
born Aug. 8, 1896
dead Nov. 10, 1896

Hildur Maria Josefina
born March 21, 1898
dead June 5, 1932
Sven Henry
born July 2, 1901
dead June 19, 1973

Estrid Emilia
born Nov. 13, 1904
dead Sept. 30, 1986



måndag, februari 03, 2014

52 Ancestors: #5

Week # 5 Ulrika Flinta

Ulrika Flinta was married to Carl Johan Niklasson Flinta

Ulrika was born January 1, 1834, Norregård, Böne parish
She worked with weaving.
and died October 11, 1925, a retirement home, Ulricehamn.

Carl Johan was born April 9, 1842, Marbäck
and he died of pneumonia, Febr. 5, 1892, Smedsgården, Marbäck
Carl Johan was a soldier at Älvsborgs regiment, North Kinds Company

Unfortunately I have no photo of Carl Johan
Ulrika and Carl Johan had three children:
Alma Elisabeth, born Nov. 10, 1869
Carl Albert, born May 4, 1872
Klas Oskar, born Febr. 22, 1876
all children born in Smedsgården, Marbäck
Below we can see
Klas Oskar and his wife Karolina Karin Hult
Karin was born Aug. 9, 1866, Millesvik, Värmland
and died April 21, 1946, Stockholm
Klas Oskar died Sept. 14, 1950, Stockholm

Alma Elisabeth emigrated to Chicago in May 1889
Carl Albert emigrated to Chicago in March 1893
....I've been looking for them but not managed to find them, not yet .....
I can see that they have the surname Flinta in the Swedish emigrant lists.
...but where did they go....?

Dikten "Tomten" av Abraham Viktor Rydberg född 18 december 1828 i Jönköping i Jönköpings län (Småland) död 21 septemb...