tisdag, mars 04, 2014

52 Ancestors: #8

Week # 8  Aunt Sonja

My Aunt Sonja was born in Södra Säm December 23 1919
She died April 4 1970

In the school photo below we can see Sonja in the middle row, nr 3 from left
My mother is also there, seh is in the middle row, nr 1 from right
The teachers name is Gunnar Magnusson. 

This is an enlargement of Sonja at school photo

Sonja was a happy and cheerful person.
Still, she had it troublesome
because she got diabetes
when she was only about ten years old
so it was a struggle for her many times.


2 kommentarer:

  1. Diabetes is hard to control these days. I can't imagine how difficult it might have been in 1929. It's a wonderful progression of photographs of your Aunt Sonja.

  2. Yes, it must have been very difficult for her and the family. I remember her as a happy person who did some small jokes sometimes ;)) Lovely person and I miss her..


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