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Unkown school class in Sweden

Update! I have found Otto and his sister Hanna.Otto was born in Svallebo, Järsnäs congregation. He had nine siblings, among them Hanna who was a teacher in the "Kyrkskolan" in Linderås.
Otto was born 1857 and Hanna was born 1877.
Below we can se some  photos of Hanna.

Does anyone recognize this photo?

I am helping a friend to find her ancestors who emigrated from Sweden in the 1800s. I have found her grandmother,  Ida Carolina Danielsson, born 1869, Eksjö, Småland. Grandfather Otto is harder to find. I have no name on the birth place or parents, unfortunately. Only that he had a sister named Hanna, she lived in Sweden and she was a teacher.

The teacher who stands to the right is Ottos sister Hanna, ev. Johanna.
We do not know where in Sweden this photo comes from.
Hannas brother was Otto Andersson, his name was possibly Gustafsson when he arrived to USA.
He was born in 1857 and emigrated around 1880.
Hanna sent the card on the school class to her niece Hilda in the USA.

Below we see Otto in the foreground.

In this photo we see Otto as no. 2 from left.

Below we can see Otto.

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