tisdag, september 30, 2014

52 Ancestors: #9

Week # 9  Grandmother Judith

This is my grandmother Judith Andersson
She was a kind, friendly and nice
She had to work hard with five children and a husband who was a farmer.

Judith married Axel 27 march 1914.

She was born 21 december 1888
and died 28 january 1965

Judith at her confirmation 1902.



Judith and her husband Axel Andersson
their children Ella, Sonja and Gunnar.


Judith, Axel, their Children Ella, Gunnar, Hugo and Astrid.
Sonja is not in this picture.


52 Ancestors: # 10

Week #10
Grandfather Axel

This is my handsome and hardworking grandfather Axel Andersson
He died before I was born so I have unfortunately never got to meet him.

He was born 16 may 1879
and he died 19 july 1948.

This is the house Axel and Judith bought when they got married 1914.

This is Axel about 1922 or so.


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