måndag, november 02, 2015

”Allt för Sverige” 

Part 1 of 8.
A rock star from Chicago, a movie star from Hollywood and a farmer's son from Minnesota.
Now it is time for them and the other eight Swedish-Americans to experience Sweden - the country in which they are rooted.
But only one gets the chance for a grand family reunion. In the first section arrives our Americans to Gräsmark in Värmland, where a crash course in the Swedish coffee culture and Swedish food habits are on the schedule.

Från vänster: Charles Wassberg, Beverly Wassberg, Anders Lundin (programledare), James Morgan, Nathan Arling, Jenna Wroblewski, Jamie Lystra, Kurt Engstrom, Karen Berg-Roylance, John Wincher. Sittande: Alexis Bunten och Brooke Langton.

Click here to see the new episod: "Allt för Sverige"

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